Suffolk Carers Matter provide information, advice, mental and emotional wellbeing support for unpaid carers across Suffolk. Our Advice Line is open 7 days a week Tel: 01284 333035 to give carers, families, friends, health professionals and community groups support.

We have fantastic peer-to-peer support in The Pod, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing support through our free counselling service, great shows presented by Nick Pandolfi around Quick Food for Carers and CarersTV, the opportunity to say In Your Words what life is like and the support you need.

There’s a great deal of information and support, take your time and if you have any questions, Just Ask via the Live Chat or call 01284 333 035.

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Lofty Heights

Lofty Heights is a social enterprise based in Suffolk, which help you declutter, deep clean or organise your house. ​The services are available to everyone,...

Quick Food for Carers - Recipes

Mushroom Stroganoff 

A vegetarian mushroom stroganoff that's rich and delicious and also able to be made in 15 minutes!  Serves: 2      Time: 15 minutes Ingredients: ...

Fish Pie

Cheesy Portbello Mushrooms 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

In Your Words


Our five-year-old daughter Addie acquired a brain injury in 2014. Life has certainly not been the same since. Living with daily, uncontrollable seizures and a complete change in personality makes family life more challenging, especially for Addie's twin sister Izzy. Finding the right kind of support has been difficult and there aren't enough facilities to give Addie the life she deserves. She doesn't attend any after-school/weekend clubs because of her complex needs and her life is markedly different to that of her sister's. it's heart-breaking. My hope for the future is that one day there will be more opportunities for awesome children like Addie to excel.



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The Seagull Theatre – Dementia Carer’s Consultation

Carers sometimes find that getting out of the house is difficult when they have so many responsibilities at the home of the person they...

Wheelchair Friendly Restaurants in Suffolk

Caring for someone who is wheelchair bound can be difficult at times. This is especially the case if you aren’t aware of wheelchair accessible...

Colin’s Conservatory

Many people who are either carers or cared for know that there are a lot of struggles that come with having physical disabilities. One...