I’m Hannah and am mum to 4 sons, 3 who live at home, one of who has additional needs. Our youngest son Isaac has severe learning difficulties and mobility issues. We try and have as normal a life as possible and with boys we need to get out and about as much as possible. The main issues we face is finding something that is engaging for everyone especially in the winter months and the physical demands of pushing a wheelchair/toilet training/keeping Isaac stimulated if the other children are doing something that he struggles to join in with.

Often events are for disabilities or not disabilities, but we love it when we find inclusive places to visit where we can all join in together.  What is difficult is sometimes when you go out with friends and the other mums are sitting chatting as their children have become independent, but you are still looking after your child even though they are the same age. Generally, we find people helpful and supportive, but it is hard as the child becomes older to ask others to help look after them as it’s harder for others to manage.  The plus side is that we get a lot of love from Isaac and have great family times together. Just different than we expected!

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