I have two daughters and two bonus sons, at two I recognised some autistic traits in my daughter, but it was almost impossible to get any professionals to recognise my concerns and refer her. I worked with her at home on socialisation and acceptable social behaviours, such as not licking strangers, we did academic work and practiced coping with sensory overload. I home-schooled for a year but family breakdown forced me to work more to support my daughters, we moved to find the perfect school to support my girls’ needs. Her first day at school with a fantastic teacher was all it took, she agreed, understood my concerns and referred my girl.

The months of diagnosis were hard, emotional and lonely and it took until she was seven. Despite the fact that I had known she was autistic since she had been two years old, it was still hard to hear, the grief of the diagnosis still hit like a hammer. She is amazing but despite how far she has now come, we are still walking this road. We now need to prepare for the day I tell her what her superpower is called.

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