I have two parents and a mother in law that I care for all over the age of 86. Life can be difficult for them losing their independents, their mobility and their health. Over the last three years their reliance on me has increased as they become frailer. As a carer it’s a constant juggling act with work, my home life and the needs of the three people that mean so much to me.  They feel guilty for having to ask so much of me, and I feel that I don’t give them enough. It’s hard as the children to now be the parent! 

What I have learnt from these last three years, is it is also important to take care of myself too. You are no good as a carer if you are burnt out. I grab every opportunity to try to make time for me and accepting help when it’s offered. There’s nothing like a trip to Diss Auction to give me that escape! Talking to others in the same boat, sharing the many lows and of cause, those special highs makes life better for us all.

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