In the last few years adult colouring book sales have soared, many people are investing their time and money in therapeutic nostalgia of sitting for hours to shade and blend intricate pictures. I decided to join them.

I have two daughters, one has appalling handwriting, colouring with her would be the perfect way to build up strength in her hand. (It may have also give me a solid gold reason to tell other grown-ups why I was colouring if they asked.) I purchased a beautiful book went shopping for colouring pencils.

I soon realised that twelve colours is not enough. Surely, I hear you say, twelve colours is plenty? But no, not so! I found myself diving into the dangerous world of Amazon to peruse ranges of pencils and (gasp!) pens.

Then the worst happened, here I allow myself a little dramatic flair, I sprained my thumb. By colouring too much. My thumb has since then healed, and I have to say I approve of this relaxation technique, a great bonding time with my daughters but also because I could lose time in a world not stressful but wide open for creativity. Check it out, if you’re brave enough!

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