As a loving parent, you want your child to have the best in life, getting a diagnosis is to get the right support, to achieve their hopes and dreams, not “labelling” your child for fun. With my son’s diagnosis it felt like I’d stuck a big fluorescent note on his forehead “ I have Aspergers”.  Guilt, doubt, but knowing it’s the only way to get support, then dealing with my estranged husband being in denial, blaming me.  Guilt because I hadn’t noticed the signs before, turning to anger when my ex’s parents asked, “Does that mean he’s remedial then?” I replied “no, he’s a child genius actually!”

Other’s ignorance is harder than dealing with the child themselves.   Leaflets of groups were offered, but I didn’t want to listen to other parents talk about their guilt! After diagnosis, the health visitor supported, but mainly support was from the School SENCO.  As a parent carer, particularly a lone one you just want someone who understands and listens.  Ten years on, independence is the new focus, with the right life skills and support network, I know he will achieve them, me, I still strive for awareness that being different, isn’t being less.

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