Thursday, March 21, 2019

About Us

Life here is all about working together across Suffolk; carers, charities, community groups, NHS, Church, health professionals, local authorities, radio, press and media, businesses, schools, colleges, the university, GPs, friends and family, in support of unpaid carers.

For us all to do what we can together and not think that we’re on our own.  To join up the dots, fill the gaps and connect people.  With a view to making the support that we all directly offer, to be as easy, seamless and openly accessible as is possible.

At Suffolk Carers Matter, being open, flexible, helpful and supportive is really important.  With a smile, happy face, cheery voice and informative nature, we aim to help create a positive impact and change in people’s lives.

One day, you may become a carer.  If that does happen in your life, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in asking for support.  Making that a reality when you need it, is what we’re about.