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About Us

Suffolk Carers Matter is based in Bury St Edmunds and provides support for unpaid carers across the whole of Suffolk. Our Advice Line is open seven days a week and we also have a Counselling Service as well as doing various outreach work in the community.

What is a Carer?

We support anybody who is caring for a family member or friend. This could be related to their physical health or mental health. It could be that they have a learning disability or problems with substance misuse. We support Adult Carers, Parent Carers, Young Carers and Young Adult Carers. At Suffolk Carers Matter we acknowledge the fact that not everybody sees himself or herself as a carer; you may feel you are just helping out a family member. We are there to offer support whenever people need it, however big or small their requirements.

Our Support

Advice Line

Our Advice Line is run by trained Carer Advisers who can help people to navigate and understand local services, benefits, housing and adaptations, as well as provide emotional support. The Carer Advice Team can assess their needs and those of their cared-for and help them access the support which will benefit them most; this may involve signposting or making onward referrals to other helpful organisations.  We can also refer people internally to our free counselling service. We offer signposting and research. Above all our advisors can offer emotional support and a non-judgemental listening ear.

Our Advice Line is open seven days a week at the following times:

Monday- Friday, 8am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10am-2pm

Telephone: 01284 333035

As well as support over the telephone we can also be contacted through our Live Chat Facility during these times. This can be accessed via the blue ‘ask’ button on the website.


We offer Free Counselling to people whose emotional wellbeing is affected by their caring responsibilities. The counselling is provided by our in-house professional counsellors and can take place face to face, either in our Bury or Ipswich offices or over the telephone, whatever works best for you. Counselling provides a chance to work through complex emotions, develop coping strategies and process changes in your life.

Suffolk Carers Matter counsellors can offer up to eight sessions free of charge. To refer either yourself or someone else just fill in our form online or call the Advice Line on 01284 333035.

In The Community

We work with both statutory and voluntary services to reach people in the community. This may be by attending existing groups as well as having stands at relevant events and conferences. To date we have connected with Steel Bones, Rural Coffee Caravan, Meet Up Mondays, PACT, Priory School, West Suffolk CCG, St. Nicholas Hospice and both their Hospice Neighbours and Compassionate Communities schemes.

Online we have a community in The Pod, where carers can engage in peer support and speak to other carers. We also have an active Facebook page and Twitter account. We are keen to explore and debate topics and issues, which are relevant to carers and for people to feel their voice is heard. 

At Suffolk Carers Matter we offer a tailored and bespoke service to carers of all ages and circumstances. Our Carer Advice Team work with professionals and take a whole family approach. 

Telephone: 01284 333035



Twitter: @Suffolk_Carers

For Professionals

If you are a health or social care professional or if you are from a school, charity or community organisation then we are here to help you.

We are keen to build up our relationships with professionals and support them in the early identification of carers; working together we will avoid a carer reaching crisis point.

We can take referrals for any adults who are caring for a friend or family member with physical ill health, a mental health condition, substance misuse or a learning disability. We can also take referrals for Young Carers although if that Young Carer is under the age of 16 then we would need their parents consent before we make contact.

If you would like to refer somebody to our service then you can do this either by using our Quick Referral Form on the website or by calling us directly on 01284 333035 and we can take down all relevant information.

Once we have received your referral our Carer Advisors will then make contact with the carer in question and gain their consent and full background info. From this our advisers can triage and work out how best to support. We offer emotional support, information, advice and guidance and we can refer carers to our in-house counselling service. We can also make external referrals to relevant organisations such as St. Nicholas Hospice, Suffolk County Council, Our Special Friends, The Voluntary Network to name a few.

We have our own data protection statement that we always read out which outlines that data will only be recorded with consent and that it is stored electronically, is password protected and only accessed by Suffolk Carers Matter staff, unless in the event of a safeguarding issue. We will only make onward referrals with the persons consent.