Adult Carers


We support all adults who are caring for a family member or friend. This could be an elderly parent, a long-term partner or a child or young person with additional needs. Adults can find themselves with more than one caring role. Looking after elderly relatives as well as trying to balance the needs of a young family can be extremely challenging. It can end up feeling as though you can’t please anybody, least of all yourself. You may be trying to juggle work as well and there simply isn’t enough of you to go round.

It may be that you are caring for grown-up children whose needs mean they are unable to be completely independent. It could be that you have young children or teenagers with additional needs and could do with some support to navigate the education system.  

All situations are of course unique. We all have the potential to be family carers at some point in our lives. We recognise there are no strict definitions and that there is no defined route.

We support adult carers by offering information, advice, guidance and emotional support. This is ostensibly via our Advice Line but we can also offer face to face support out in the community as well. This is through our presence at the various groups we attend and our own Walking Wednesdays. Walking Wednesdays take place each week at different venues in the West Suffolk area and provide an opportunity to walk, talk and enjoy the fresh air with other people and one of our Carer Advisers.

We also offer Free Counselling with professionals, which adults can refer themselves to by calling us on the advice line and requesting the service.

We are committed to understanding and supporting all carers and their families in all of life’s rewards and challenges. Most of us here at Suffolk Carers Matter have or have had personal experience of taking care of a family member. We hope that we can help inform, advise and above all be that listening ear.