Binge-Watchers Beware

With the ability to stream all of our favourite shows and movies anytime from the palm of our hands, its no wonder why so many people love to spend time doing so. Binge-watching, which involves spending extended periods of time watching TV shows, is extremely common in our culture today. Streaming services, like Netflix, provide massive libraries of TV shows complete with all of the seasons ever aired. When someone finds a new show they like, they may spend hours powering through each episode.

How can Binge-Watching Impact Me?

Spending a lot of time binge-watching your favourite TV shows may be enjoyable, as many people would probably agree with you! But did you know that the more a person binge-watches, the more at risk they may become for different issues? Sleep, for example, is one of the biggest ones. When watching a great TV show late in the evening, many people find that the more they get into the plot, the more they push to stay up later. It is not uncommon for people to stay up late binge-watching, just to find themselves tired and unmotivated the next morning.

Binge-watching has also been linked to things like stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. While some people may isolate themselves from others when binge-watching their favourite shows, others may do so because they are having issues with their mental or emotional health. People who are less able to get out of the house are also more likely to binge-watch, as they may feel as though they can’t engage in other things they may enjoy. Carers, for example, may have to stay at home to take care of their loved one so they are unable to spend time elsewhere. Watching movies and TV shows can provide a kind of escape that places them mentally in another place.

While there are certainly some negatives that can come from binge-watching, it is important to realize that not everyone experiences them. Occasionally watching episodes of your favourite show back to back or spending a rainy weekend in watching tons of movies is not a bad thing! As long as you are mindful to take time away from your TV or device to be active and interact with the world around you, don’t worry!

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