Thursday, March 21, 2019

Carers Rant

Communication is key, isn’t that what we are always told? As a carer for my elderly grandmother I seem to be constantly liaising between different people who don’t seem to talk to each other! Ever since my Gran significantly deteriorated in the summer of 2017 I can’t tell you the amount of chasing information or confirming plans that I have made with GP’s, Pharmacies, Hospital Ward Managers, Social Workers, Care Co-ordinators, the list goes on. And in the middle of this is my Gran who still has capacity but is very fragile emotionally and physically but still very much needs to make her own decisions.

I am happy to do all of this for her but when crises happen at home, in hospital, with re-enablement I can’t help but think what about all those people who do not have a family member to do this for them?