It doesn’t add up….


By 2020 more than half of our council tax revenue will be spent on social care. Yet government cuts mean that 26% fewer people now receive local authority funded care and 1 in 10 people over 55 in England have unmet care needs. So somewhere, something doesn’t add up….

It doesn’t add up that women are most likely to both need and provide care.

It doesn’t add up that most unpaid carers are forced to give up work due to their caring role, only to see their own health decline due to the increasing pressure on the very services that are being cut.

It doesn’t add up that the Office of National Statistics say unpaid carers provide social care worth £57 billion in the UK and yet Carers Allowance (£62.10 for a minimum of 35 hours per week) works out horrendously below the minimum wage, in fact only £1.77 per hour.

It doesn’t add up that care does not seem to be valued in our community by the people who have the power and the purse strings to really make a difference.

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