Colin’s Conservatory

Credit: Bury Free Press Photo taken by Mark Westley.

Many people who are either carers or cared for know that there are a lot of struggles that come with having physical disabilities. One of the biggest challenges is often the fact that disabled individuals cannot do things that they once enjoyed. This was the case for Colin White, 56, who used to be a school caretaker. In 2017, Colin had a fall in his home that resulted in a severe spinal injury, leaving him paralyzed and unable to walk. This injury has caused him to be unable to spend time outside tending to his garden, which was a pastime he really enjoyed.

Colin was understandably a bit down because he could no longer spend time in his garden like he used to. To help him, his family began a fundraising campaign to build a conservatory that ultimately was able to raise over £8,000!  Frames Conservatories Direct was able to build the conservatory for Colin, complete with heated floors, French doors, and a wheelchair accessible ramp for £5,000. Now Colin is able to enjoy his garden similarly to how he once was able to. He and his family also plan to use the remainder of the fundraiser money to build raised flowerbeds so that Colin can also tend to his plants as he once could!

Colin’s spirits are boosted, and he is much happier that he can now enjoy his garden again. When people become ill or disabled, it is very common for their favourite hobbies and pastimes to be unobtainable. Colin’s story shows that making adaptations, whether they are as big as his or on a smaller scale, can really make a difference! If you are a carer or are someone who is being cared for, try to engage in activities you enjoyed before your illness or disability. If you are unable to, consider making small adaptations or adjustments so that you can still participate. Your spirits will be boosted just like Colin’s and you will likely feel much happier as a result!