Conversations around End of Life Care

No one likes talking about death, but now nine of our staff are trained in ‘Conversations around End of Life Care’. St Nicholas Hospice Care, who delivered the training, is a charity based in West Suffolk providing help, advice and support to people in the final chapters of their life, who are living with long-term and life-threatening illnesses.

St Nicholas hospice came in to discuss strategies which we can help people think and talk about death. Today, Suffolk Carers Matter’s staff were trained on how to initiate these tough conversations.

We learnt about: the deterioration of different conditions, aspects of old age, the different types of palliative care, conversations around end of life care and advance care planning.

One of our advisors said “it was useful as it [death] isn’t always addressed, it is good to know the skills and tools for a potentially awkward conversation”

Another member of staff said she “found the training really useful. It is always difficult to discuss things like your will and end of life care; so it’s great for us to know how to talk about these topics”.

St Nicholas spoke about the work they do within the hospice, the West Suffolk community, in homes and care homes. We discussed the referral process, of how we can support family carers together. Additionally, that going into a hospice doesn’t always mean death since many people go in to help stabilise their conditions. This is crucial to our advisors, as they can inform carers about these issues.

If you are struggling, or just want to talk through some of the topics covered here, call our advice line on: 01284 333035

or St Nicholas Hospice advice line on: 01284 766133