Meet Up Mondays

    We had our second Meet-Up Monday on the 11th June, it was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed speaking to all who attended in the sunny grounds of Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds. We had five people and an adorable toddler attend as well as our staff, listening to what they had to say about their caring roles was fantastic. We talked about issues such as bereavement support, caring groups in remote locations and education and courses. These meet-ups are a brilliant way to meet others who are caring, or who support someone who is caring as well as being able to ask questions of us here at Suffolk Carers Matter.

    In future we are going to be venturing to other Meet-Up Mondays in existence to partner with them and support hidden carers in Suffolk. We will aim to keep you posted on here and FB as to where we are going to be. If you would like us to come to a location nearer you, as always Just Ask!