Family Carers Leaving Work


Family Carers Leaving Work


National charity Carers UK have shared research which demonstrates nearly half a million family carers have left their jobs in the UK in the past two years, due to the pressure and demands of their caring responsibilities. The report indicates that almost five million people are trying to balance looking after relatives with working; this is up from about three million in 2011. Carers UK say that our ageing population has pushed this increase. However the report shows that there is not enough flexibility in the workplace, which is why carers feel they have no choice but to leave their jobs.


The report from Carers UK talks about a lot of these carers being aged over 45 and that their caring responsibilities ‘often go unnoticed.’ Many of these carers (as outlined recently by the Office for National Statistic) are not only looking after elderly relatives but also trying to bring up children. Carers UK told BBC News that there is a “real social and economic imperative” for workplaces to be made “carer friendly”.

Helen Walker, head of the charity, stated that “Better workplace support for people juggling paid work with caring for a loved one is becoming an increasingly important issue.” said Ms Walker.


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