Family First Ipswich

Family First is a Christian charity, which supports and enables families going through difficult times. This support primarily involves a Family First Volunteer going in to visit a family once a week for an hour to listen, befriend and encourage. Family First focuses on helping vulnerable and struggling families with children of up to age eighteen. Their volunteers will work with families to choose and achieve goals; the example Aud Catto (Family First Coordinator) gave us of a goal was to eat one meal a week all together at the table. The goals are tailored to suit each individual family and situation and the volunteer will work with the family in question for up to a year so that they can build that trust and consistency. To find out more call 07936 008199.

Family First also now offer free parenting courses which run for six weeks; The Primary Years and The Teenage Years. The next round will be in Spring 2019. To find out more email

We were fortunate enough to speak to Aud Catto, one of the Family First Coordinators who gave us lots of helpful information; it is a great service, which benefits so many families.