Growing Up With a Disabled Sibling

            Having a sibling who is disabled is not always easy. Whether it be the frequent appointments or the constant care and adaptations, much of the focus is often on their disabled brother or sister. This can be challenging for some to handle. While there are many challenges that young people can face having a disabled sibling. However, at the same time, there are also plenty of positives. Having a disabled sibling may be tough at times but in the end, you are probably becoming a better person along the way!

More Responsible

            Young people who have a sibling that is disabled may be held to a higher standard than children who do not have a sibling that is disabled. They may have more responsibilities around the house, as well as having specific tasks surrounding helping their brother or sister. To outsiders, some of their tasks may seem difficult. Much of the time if you are in this position you probably feel like you’re just doing your job as a brother or sister! Those who grow up with disabled siblings end up being more responsible when comparing them to peers that are the same age.

Greater Independence and Maturity

            Because of this greater level of responsibility, young people with disabled brothers or sisters often have more independence and maturity at a younger age. A lot of the focus might be on the disabled sibling at times. This can cause a young person to learn to do things for themselves and have a slightly more mature mindset. They may understand that the focus is not on them because their brother or sister needs more attention at that time. During these moments they may carry on doing what they need or want to do. They understand that the attention needs to be given to their brother or sister. Having characteristics like maturity and independence early on in life can be a great thing. It can allow you to be more successful, have better self-esteem, and even be more creative!

Greater Sense of Empathy

            Empathy is basically a person’s ability to understand the feelings and emotions of others. Young people with disabled siblings tend to be more empathetic because they grow up with a greater understanding of their sibling’s viewpoint. They are very aware of what their brother or sister goes through. They can empathize with them when they are having a difficult day. Empathy is a great thing to have, as it can improve relationships and ability to work with others!

More Considerate and Understanding

            Growing up with a disabled sibling can make you more empathetic, independent, and mature. All-in-all you are also probably much more considerate and understanding when compared to others. Young people who have disabled siblings likely have more kind and thoughtful. This is simply because of the way that they have grown up. This can follow them throughout all other areas of life, allowing them to be a much more friendly face who is willing to be considerate and understanding!

Need More Support?

            Do you have a brother or sister who is disabled? Is it something you are struggling with? If you feel as though you need some more support or advice, our team at Suffolk Carers Matter is here to help! Give us a call at 01284 333035 or send us a message via live chat by clicking the blue ask button. Our Carer Advisors would be happy to have a chat with you! You also can click here to learn about Sibs, a charity here in the UK that is completely devoted to the brothers and sisters of those with disabilities!