He looks normal

“He looks normal, you would never know he had something wrong with him”.

Invisible disability – the hidden conditions.  The fight to prove that being up all night with a child having seizures or a child that has anxiety or meltdowns does have an impact. Of course, there are many hidden conditions and disabilities.  Just because they look “normal” to you doesn’t mean that their lives are, far from it.


Yes, the word is beginning to get out there, that just because you cannot see a disability it does not mean a child doesn’t have to face daily challenges. Supermarkets for example are changing toilet signs to recognise it, EHC plans are there to recognise health conditions, but we need so much more.  We need to realise the impact on these children and the carers of a person with a hidden disability, we need to listen.   It does not mean their lives are normal, their needs can be very different.  Society needs to understand that just because we don’t see it, it does not mean it does not have an effect.


Listen to the carers the mums, dad and grandparents, they are the experts on the child’s capabilities and needs.  It should not be a daily fight to prove that  because you can’t see the disability, you don’t deserve support. Carers be it parent or other family members are the ones that have nursed them, calmed them, comforted them, been stretched to the end of their patience levels.  They are the ones that should and deserve to be listened to because they are living it. Remember the child but support the carer that tries their best to make society understand that not every disability is visible, but it is there and is part of their life to deal with it.  Carers need to be heard.