Prep and plan your meals in advance

I know; this sounds impossible – but meal preparation doesn’t have to be scary or time consuming. In fact, done right it can save you a lot of time, money and you will feel the benefits of having healthy food choices on hand. Ever been so hungry and tired, with nothing ready for lunch so you just grab a latte and a pastry?

Or a sandwich and a can of fizzy drink?

It perks you up for a bit, then a few hours later your energy is flagging and you’re craving sugar. If you can relate, then this will definitely help you. You can usually store a meal in the fridge for 2-3 days with no problem, so prepping a large salad and portioning it out will give you a few go-to lunches. Another favourite is to use leftovers – we don’t tend to do this as much as we used to, and a waste culture has unfortunately prevailed. But many foods can be reused the next day.

For example, a bean chilli can be served with a jacket potato or rice; put the rest in a Tupperware and eat cold in a wrap, or heat up and serve with a jacket potato and salad. Slow cookers are amazing for bulk cooking – just be sure not to reheat rice, and make sure food is thoroughly reheated before consuming! Leftover vegetables make great soups and sauces too.