[vc_infobox_new colour=”this_months” twocolumnvideo=”yes” title=”Carers TV ” videolink=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/m2OseiCi4BA” src=”“https://www.youtube.com/embed/I3OiWLZiBUc“” width=”“560“” height=”“315“” frameborder=”“0“”][/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”your_health” title=”Red January” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=2096″ image=”2097″]REDJanuary is a community initiative run in conjunction with MIND. The aim of the initiative is to support mental health by doing something active every single day. January is known to be a tough month for many reasons: financial stress after the expense of Christmas, feelings of sluggishness as a result of festive excesses. The days in January are short and the weather can be less than appealing. But by doing something active, big or small, you can find you have a goal and a focus, which will get you through the month and this may help to get you through. Exercise and fresh air, bumping into people you may not see otherwise such as dog walkers or other people out doing something active can all make you feel better. It won’t solve the world’s problems. It won’t solve all of your problems but hopefully REDJanuary can give you a bit of light, hope and time to yourself.

To show our support for REDJanuary, Laura at Suffolk Carers Matter is taking part in the initiative. Her goal is to walk 10,000 steps every day in January come rain or shine, dark or light. Follow her on our FB page and Twitter.[/vc_infobox_new]

[vc_infobox_new colour=”good_to_know” title=”Boost of 30k to Suffolk’s Surviving Winter Appeal” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=1951″ image=”1953″]A £30,000 match funding pledge by Hopkins Homes in Woodbridge has boosted Suffolk’s Surviving Winter appeal. The company will use money from its £150,000 Hopkins Winter Crisis Fund. A further £20,000 will be allocated by Hopkins as a small grants fund, which will be distributed through outreach charities such as Food bank.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”your_health” title=”Anxiety ” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=2111″ image=”2112″]When we say living with anxiety this could mean all manner of things. It could be that you suffer with anxiety yourself or that you are supporting somebody who does. Either way it is all too common for anxiety to become a part of your life, a daily challenge and one that is not that easy to overcome.

Here at Family Carers Net we don’t have the magic answer and we also know how easy it is to give out tips and advice but how hard it is when you are the one living it. So the notes below are really some suggestions, which we hope may be useful in some way, either big or small.[/vc_infobox_new]

[vc_infobox_new colour=”gen_info” title=”News From Suffolk Mind” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=2123″ image=”2122″]Wellbeing Day – 26th January 2019-01-07

Suffolk Mind is running a Wellbeing Day on Sat 26th January. The event will take place from 11am-3pm at Quay Place, Key Street, Ipswich IP4 1BZ.[/vc_infobox_new]

[vc_infobox_new colour=”gen_info” title=”BBC Drama ‘Care.’” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=2019″ image=”2020″]A new and thought-provoking drama aired on BBC One Sunday 9th December. ‘Care’ stars Sheridan Smith as single mother Jenny who ends up caring for her mum (Alison Steadman) after she has a stroke and develops dementia.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”me_time” title=”Free Art Workshops for Suffolk Carers” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/good-to-know/free-art-workshops-for-suffolk-carers/” image=”1816″]Are you an adult carer living in Suffolk? Are you interested in art or just looking for something fun to do? The Art Branches group is running a variety of workshops including glasswork and plaster casts. These are FREE for any Suffolk adult carer, aged 16 or over, who is caring for an adult.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”your_health” title=”Looking after your Mental Health at Christmas” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=2063″ image=”2068″]Yes it can be the ‘most wonderful time of year’ but Christmas also comes with many additional stresses and pressures and these can put a strain on your mental health. Amongst these are financial costs, travelling, social pressure to consume more food and alcohol than usual, extra work and that joy of joys- family dynamics.


[vc_infobox_new colour=”good_to_know” title=”Lottery winners throw Christmas party for Young Carers” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=2067″ image=”2071″]Twenty-four lottery winners, with a combined wealth of over 48 million, threw a Christmas party for Young Carers. The event was held at The Baronial Hall near Chelmsford, Essex on Thursday 13th December – usually a wedding venue it had been turned into a winter wonderland for the evening. There were around seventy-five young carers present aged between eight and sixteen, who are supported by the Action for Family Carers charity.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”your_health” title=”New Mental Health Resources in Schools ” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=1889″ image=”1891″]Building mental resilience in young people has never been more of a priority.  According to the World Health Organisation ‘Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14, but most cases go undetected and untreated. In terms of the burden of the disease among adolescents, depression is the third leading cause. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds.’[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”your_health” title=”Stay Well This Winter – Why have the Flu jab?” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=1913″ image=”1917″]There has been a big push over the last few years, in schools, GP surgeries and pharmacies in the hope that more and more people will have the flu jab and contribute towards ‘herd immunity’. So why is it so important?[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”your_health” title=”Emotional First Aid” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/your-health/” image=”1048″]The PhD psychologist and keynote speaker Guy Winch has published a book,  ‘Emotional First Aid’. His TEDTalk focuses on ‘Why we all need to practice emotional first aid’, point being that we need to look after our emotional health as much as we would our physical health.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”your_health” title=”Meditation & Yoga for beginners ” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/your-health/meditation-for-beginners/” image=”1731″]An easy guide to using yoga & meditation for physical, mental & emotional health.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”good_to_know” title=”New Review Suggests More Rights For Those With Mental Health” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=2029″ image=”2030″]An independent review ordered by Theresa May has found that the 1983 Mental Health Act needs a serious overhaul. As BBC News reported, the panel included mental health professionals, academics and patients. The review took place over a period of 18 months and amongst its recommendations were the following:[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”good_to_know” title=”Carers Innovation Fund” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=2001″ image=”2002″]Caroline Dineage MP and Minister for Care has announced a dramatic increase in funding for the Carers Innovation Fund, part of the Carers Action Plan. Speaking at the National Children and Adult Social Services Conference (NCASC) the MP confirmed that funding would increase from £500,000 to £5million.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”gen_info” title=”News & Media” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/news-media/” image=”1379″]The MP Baroness Tessa Jowell died on Saturday 12th May from brain cancer, aged 70.

Her death has led to Theresa May confirming that the government will double their investment for brain cancer research to £40m. Cancer Research UK will also contribute £25m to the Dame Jowell Brain Cancer Research Mission.[/vc_infobox_new]

[vc_infobox_new colour=”gen_info” title=”Chat In The Pod” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/the-pod/” image=”450″][/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”your_health” title=”Natural ways to manage stress and anxiety” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/your-health/” image=”851″]*the advice here is not intended to be a replacement for medical advice and prescribed medication should be used until otherwise directed by a GP. These ideas are intended to reduce stress and anxiety levels on a day to day basis.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”this_months” title=”This Weeks… Editor’s Note” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/this-weeks/” image=”533″]Community. What exactly does it mean? Some people feel part of theirs, others don’t. Some people value it, others don’t. I’ve always been a big believer in it and get genuinely excited when I can get people together and connect people who I know can help each other or have things in common. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in my community café, The Chicken Shed, in Fordham for the last few years and seeing it take off and fly has been so exciting and rewarding.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”gen_info” title=”Suffolk star in Autism’s Got Talent” image=”1393″]Jack Mitchell, 21, from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk performed as one of the finalists in Autism’s Got Talent that took place at The Mermaid Theatre in London on Sat 12th May. Jack performed his own song ‘Where The Poppies Fall’, also playing his acoustic guitar. Jack is currently studying music at West Suffolk College.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”good_to_know” title=”The Transition Event 2018 ” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=1927″ image=”1928″]Offering inspirational stories and essential practical advice, the Transition Event East helps parents/carers, teachers and practitioners supporting disabled young adults navigate the path to adult services, with the aim of securing a successful future.[/vc_infobox_new]
[vc_infobox_new colour=”gen_info” title=”Boost of 30K to Suffolk’s Surviving Winter Appeal” linklocation=”https://www.suffolkcarersmatter.org.uk/?p=1992″ image=”1990″]

A £30,000 match funding pledge by Hopkins Homes in Woodbridge has boosted Suffolk’s Surviving Winter appeal. The company will use money from its £150,000 Hopkins Winter Crisis Fund. A further £20,000 will be allocated by Hopkins as a small grants fund, which will be distributed through outreach charities such as Food bank.