How are current politics affecting our mental health?

Credit: Stefan Schweihofer


We can all talk about Brexit and other aspects of recent politics but evidence shows it goes deeper than general debate and concern. According to the New European four in ten people say that Brexit has impacted on their mental health in the last two years.

All of the uncertainty has left people feeling unsettled and destabilised. Some EU nationals living in the UK have been suffering great anxiety and in some cases depression. A recent YouGov Survey for 5 News revealed that 62% of voters have said that the ongoing EU withdrawal is ‘making them feel unhappy.’

It is not just Brexit that is impacting on people’s emotional wellbeing. A recent survey by NHS Providers talked about how benefit changes in recent years have taken their toll on people’s mental health and increased anxiety and depression. Issues such as a lack of housing and cuts to social care have had a huge impact on people who are already leading challenging lives. We see it ourselves here at Suffolk Carers Matter; the pressure that is on carers who are already stretched to capacity looking after loved ones.

We are not politicians and do not profess to be. We do not have the authority to sort out Brexit or stop austerity. But we do have the time and the space to give to you. If you can relate to this article and feel that current affairs are getting you down please do call us and see how we can help. Apart from anything else we are always here to listen.

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