Councillor Apology regarding home care contracts

Councillor Apology regarding home care contracts

A Suffolk Conservative councillor has made a public apology for the upset caused by the change in home care contracts. Councillor Beccy Hopfensperger is responsible for adult care in Suffolk. In 2015 the County Council forced people to change their carers by tendering personal care at home out to fewer providers. The result caused a lot of distress to adults who were already vulnerable.

Judith Poole who was caring for her 94 year old mother in Honington, Suffolk told BBC News that the system was ‘shambolic’. Judith went on to say that her mother ‘couldn’t cope with any more changes’ and it was affecting her health.

Suffolk County Council is at pains to reassure people that the new model of care will be more flexible and offer a bespoke service. The council has been working with the Care Quality Commission, Age UK and Suffolk Family Carers to ensure that the changes are positive.

Councillor Hopfensperger told BBC News that the council has  ‘completely upped’ it’s engagement process with providers and ‘more importantly we’ve engaged with the people who receive the care.’

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