There’s a new support group for parents and carers on our Suffolk horizon, something new and different.  We like it and think it can really help make a difference.  Read about Huddl here and keep tuned in for more of our work with them for you.

What we do

Huddl offers support for all parents and carers, giving them access to practical tools and inspirational events to help deal with their ever-changing role; creating a community of mutual support, compassion and learning. Every family has a unique journey and we all need a range of tools along the way. Huddl provides a platform with easy access, to up-to-date professional advice so we can help our children and young people with the pressures of growing up by being more informed and confident ourselves.

Why we do it

There’s a growing concern throughout the world about the well-being of children and young people. Pressured by exams, changing relationships, social media and other factors, children are feeling the strain. Recent research shows that 1 in 10 of 5-16 year olds have a mental health problem. The good news is that the relevant professionals are working together to try and prevent such illness occurring and to develop better coping strategies if they do. Support is often provided for teachers, and others involved in education, and increasing number of schools are giving their pupils a greater understanding of mental health but the Parent body is often forgotten and left behind.

Parents now know that mental health problems in children can be as serious and life changing as physical illnesses. Parents want to know and do more and we hope by creating Huddl they can.

Who we are

Huddl, a social business, was co-founded by Katie Lawson, a Suffolk mum who wanted to know more.  We are really excited about the support and interest Huddl has received. Over the next few years we want to build a Huddl community full of compassion and learning, we would love you to come #jointhehuddl.

Katie says of working with SuffolkCarersMatter, “Huddl provides a platform for all parents and carers to gain knowledge on current topics of concern in order to best help their children flourish. We are thrilled to have an ongoing relationship with SuffolkCarersMatter to bring this platform direct to their audience, giving carers the chance to learn from our resources and events as well as promote their social enterprise to ours.”