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Out in the Air

There is something life enhancing about being out in the fresh air, especially this time of year when the days are drawing out and the weather is picking up (touch wood!). A lot of people find gardening therapeutic, seeing their work come to life and having some time alone outside focused on a positive task. If you are new to green fingered life then below are a few tips:

Start small –Don’t worry about having a suitable plot, a pot outside your back door will do! In fact you’re more likely to keep going if you can see what you are growing.

Deal or no deal-Look for offers at your local garden centre, there are sometimes sales on and it’s also a great place to ask for advice.

Read the small print-When buying plants look carefully at the label. Some plants need sun while others are classed as shade plants. Be prepared to move your pot around if you feel the conditions aren’t right.

Watering right- What could be easier? Unless you forget to do it or surprisingly over-water! Watering at roughly the same time each day might help as a reminder. Aim to give plants one inch of water per week- yellow leaves indicate you’ve given too much.

Composting-This is a great way to ensure you have enough soil and drainage and a good way to use up food wastage. You can help drainage by putting holes in the bottom of your container/pot and lining the bottom with rocks.

A great way to learn about gardening and to socialise is to join your local Garden Club. These are often advertised in village magazines and on local websites. They usually consist of regular meetings with speakers and sometimes a trip out. They may have an annual subscription or work on a pay as you go basis. Useful links include:

Another out in the air pursuit is Walking. This costs nothing, can be done at any time and can either be solitary or social, whatever you prefer. It can also be as gentle or strenuous as you require and releases endorphins to improve your mood. If you like the idea of an organised walking group to give you that motivation and structure then here are some useful links for groups in Suffolk.