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Pet Therapy & The Cinnamon Trust

Many of us will know, from personal experience, the emotional connection and bond we have with our pets. For more isolated people such as single parents, the elderly, and those with autism or mental health conditions these pets can sometimes be the only connection they have at home.

However, personal illness and old age can make it difficult to keep up with the responsibilities involved; such as walking, grooming and vet visits.

Laura and Caitlin (Suffolk Carers Matter) had the pleasure of meeting Rachel from The Cinnamon Trust at the ‘Shed Load of Help’ event in Fordham, Cambridgeshire, on Thursday 21st June. Rachel told us all about the work they do through volunteer programmes, fostering services and sanctuaries.

This work enables elderly or terminally ill people to stay connected to their pets, and to be assured that they will always be loved and cared for.

The health benefits of having pets have been proven again and again, with research showing improvements to blood pressure, stress levels and general wellbeing and activeness. However for those who have pets and find themselves unable to care for them, it can sometimes have the opposite effect.

Many older people worry and stress about their pet not receiving enough care and attention when they are unable to do it anymore.

Rachel described The Cinnamon Trust as “It’s about the [pet] and the owner, and that special bond, and being able to keep those two together for the benefit of their health”. The Cinnamon Trust have a team of volunteers who visit people’s homes in order to help to care for the pet if and when the owners become unable to do it themselves.

As well as offering home care for pets, The Cinnamon Trust can also make arrangements for when the owner has passed away; whether that be placement in one of their sanctuaries, or with someone who has recently lost their own pet.

As Carers, we may look after someone who finds themselves unable to care for a pet. It is good to know that there are people out there who can reassure the person we care for, and provide help within the house, or take care of more long term solutions so that our cared for person does not lose this valuable relationship.

For more information, or to contact The Cinnamon Trust, visit or call 01736 757 900