Carer’s week is a huge campaign where carers, professionals and those supporting carers come together through events and publicity to raise awareness and promote the struggles faced by carers daily. Caring is an under-rated calling, and yes, spending a significant section of your life taking care of someone else is a calling as real as any other.

This coming week from the 11th-17th June, people up and down the country will gather at a range of different events in order to raise more awareness of what our carers do for our community and to celebrate you all!

There are around 6.5 million carers in the UK and a lot of them, a lot of you, are isolated, unsupported and coping largely alone. We want to see that change. Caring is a community issue, caring requires resilience and strength which we are sure you have in bounds, but it is made a whole lot more sustainable by having professionals, relatives, friends and your community beside you. The aim of Carer’s Week is to celebrate what you do, encourage you to keep on keeping on, and to show you that you are not alone.

If you are in Bury St Edmunds please come to our Carer’s Picnic at Abbey Gardens on Monday 11th June from 1-3pm. See our section on the homepage and Me Time for all the details.

To see where you can get involved in other Carer’s Week events locally follow the link below, if you need help in any way, Just Ask!