If you’ve got some leftover mash potato, this is a very quick way to create a tasty dish with simple ingredients.

Serves: 2       Time: 25 minutes


-Chopped Parsley

-Leftover potato

-1/2 onion (diced very finely)

-Handful grated cheese

-A couple of slices of chorizo (cut into very small pieces)

-1 Tbsp butter


  • Mash the potato together with the onion, cheese, and chorizo until you have a smooth and thick mixture.
  • Form the mixture into small patties ready to fry (a pastry cutter can be useful to press the mixture into shape)
  • Melt the butter in a frying pan over fairly high heat, and add the potato cakes to the pan once the butter is foaming.
  • Cook the potato cakes until each side is golden, and they have been heated through.