Mental Health Awareness Week

In light of this year’s Mental Health Week being focused on stress, we want to highlight the importance of taking care of the mind as much as we would the body. In particular, how important managing stress is in preventing future health issues; both mentally, and physically.

Over the past few months, an online poll undertaken by YouGov has revealed that 74% of people have felt so stressed that they have felt overwhelmed, or unable to cope. This can lead on to so many more mental health issues, such as anxiety, which 61% of adults in the poll reported feeling through stress.

If someone has a physical accident (for example they cut their hand on a piece of broken glass) you would immediately direct them to the nearest first aid box and administer first aid. So why not first aid for the mind? In terms of de-stressing, one simple first aid method could be taking deep breaths and taking time out to do something you enjoy. Taking time to de-stress and relax can help your mental health, but also prevent your body from becoming overwhelmed and run down.