Quick and Easy Self-Care

What is self-care and why is it important?

Self-care, simply put, is caring for yourself. Practicing self-care allows for a person to preserve and improve their mental health and wellbeing. It can help reduce the negative physical and psychological effects of stress, as well as assist with preventing burnout. When practicing self-care often, a person will feel more in charge and responsible for themselves while bettering their mental wellbeing simultaneously.

How can I practice self-care?

Simple things such as exercising and following a healthy diet are beneficial for the body and mind. Even if it’s just a quick healthy snack or a small 10-minute walk, your spirits will surly be lifted! Doing things such as unplugging from social media, having some alone time, or taking quick 15-minute breaks throughout the day can help improve one’s mindset. Knowing when to ask for help or support can also be beneficial, as it allows for stress levels to be handled appropriately. It is important for everyone to acknowledge his or her emotions. This can be particularly challenging when you are consumed in looking after others. But neglecting your mental or physical health will only cause more stress in your life. Being aware of your emotions allows for you to be in tune with your mental and physical health, which is a key component of self-care! If you’re feeling bogged down or stressed, sometimes creating a cosy space where you can take time out of your day to relax can be beneficial. Even spending time with pets can help to curb the thoughts of a stressed or anxious mind!