Quick Cleaning Tips for Carers

It’s no secret that having a clean and clutter-free environment has a positive impact on people’s overall health! Sometimes, though, if you are caring for a loved one you might not be able to keep your home as clean as you might like. If this is something you are struggling with, keep reading! You will learn some quick tips that will allow you to still fulfil your caring responsibilities while also having time to clean your home!

Make the most of your time.

One of the challenges that many carers have on a daily basis is time management. When you have to take care of a loved one while also managing your own family, house, and life, many things can take the back burner. Cleaning is one of these things. If you find that you have 30 minutes or so to tidy up the house, make the most of that time! Put a load of laundry in to wash or start the dishwasher first. These things can be going on in the background as you tend to other areas in your home.

Clean up right after meals.

It is so easy to leave dishes and things out after a meal, especially if you’re tired or after a long day. Get in the habit of cleaning up your dishes, the table, and the counters right after you finish eating. Doing this after each meal will prevent a pileup of dishes and cut down on cleaning time. It will also help to keep your kitchen cleaner and lift some unnecessary stress off of your shoulders!

Use floor mats.

If you don’t already, consider placing floor mats both outside and inside of your doorway(s). If people wipe their shoes on the mat outside and then leave their shoes on the mat inside, dirt and dust will not get tracked around the home. With less dirt getting spread around on the floors, you will have to sweep and mop the floors much less!

Make your bed right after getting up.

Right after waking up, making the bed is often the last thing on some peoples’ minds. This is especially true if you are running late or you have a lot to do that morning. However, taking a few minutes to quickly make the bed will make your bedroom look tidier. In addition to this, a clean, freshly made bed is much more inviting after a long day!

Work together!

If you live with other people, consider working together to get the job of cleaning the house done! Assigning simple tasks like doing the dishes or folding laundry to children can give you more time to focus on the more difficult tasks. If you live with a partner or spouse, consider dividing up the tasks so that you have less work on yourself to complete. This will get the job done in half the time and ultimately give you the clean home that you’ve been wishing for!

Need more support?

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