Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day

As a carer you can become accustomed to putting your own needs aside to focus on the needs of the loved one you care for. There is no doubt selflessness is an admirable trait but we all need to think about ourselves sometimes. Flowers, chocolates and teddy bears aside, Valentine’s Day is about reflecting on all the reasons you love someone and showing them you care. One person not to forget about, however, is yourself! Here are a few ways you can show yourself some love:

Set aside some ‘me time’

A never-ending to-do list and too few hours in the day can lead you to forget to set aside time for yourself. We all need a break once in a while and a little self-indulgence can go a long way. Have a bubble bath, read a new book, or go for a solo stroll in the countryside. Let yourself switch off from the world around you. Sometimes the conversations you have with your inner voice are the most valuable.

Reflect on your best memories

When it comes to memories, we often remember the feelings we had at the time rather than the exact course of events. Think about some of your happiest memories and allow yourself to experience all the fantastic feelings you had at the time. The first time someone said they loved you, the day your child was born, little things you’ll always hold with you, reflect on them and you’re bound to feel good.

Treat yourself

Is there something you’ve had your eye on for a while but haven’t committed to buying? We all deserve a treat every now and then and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for this. Let’s face it, depriving yourself (whether it’s food, clothes or gadgets) can make you feel miserable. A little present to yourself can boost your mood and remind you that your wants and desires matter.

Spend time with your favourite people

A great way to make you feel good is to be around the people that make you feel good. When we have physical contact with someone we care about, the hormone Oxytocin, nicknamed ‘the cuddle chemical’, is released which increases trust and empathy. With your close friends and family you can relax and have a laugh. They’ll remind you of your best self which will do wonders for your self-esteem!