Sit down to eat

Sounds simple, but so many of us are eating on the go, grabbing something on the run or eating whilst working/busying ourselves. Allow yourself the time to sit down, with no distractions, to eat your meals. Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent and avoid social media. 10-15 minutes is long enough to reset a busy brain, and relax an anxious mind. 30 minutes will give you a completely fresh outlook.

Mindful eating helps to stop overconsumption, and increases enjoyment of food. Ever eaten something so fast you’re not even sure what it tasted like?

Or given yourself indigestion rushing your lunch so that you can get on to the next task?

By taking a little bit of extra time, you can change your relationship with food and mealtimes. Mindful eating can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle. Try involving the whole family and banning electronic devices at the table. Conversing with each other creates real time social interaction that can be massively overlooked in this day and age.