Suffolk Parent Carer Network Conference @ Trinity Park

On Monday 11th February we had a stall at the Marketplace for the Suffolk Parent Carer Network Conference. The conference was centred on Children & Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing and there was a great atmosphere with a huge number of parents and carers as well as other organisations.

For us it was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of the service we offer, meet other organisations and speak to parent carers about the burning issues of the day. These included the pros and cons of peer support groups, educational and social challenges and the impact their situations have had on other family members. There was a lot of interest in both our counselling service and Walking Wednesdays.

Talking to and getting to know other organisations was also hugely beneficial as you will see from our other articles and videos on the site. It was inspiring to hear about all the support on offer for families in Suffolk and everyone was so encouraging about our service too which was lovely. We are looking forward to building on these relationships more in the future.

A massive thank you to Suffolk Parent Carer Network for enabling us to take part!