Suzanne’s Power of Pizza


The Power of Pizza!

Thought you would like to hear about my daughter who had multiple food intolerance as soon as we tried to wean her. This made her additionally restricted and nervous of food. She was diagnosed autistic at 27 months. She grew out of the food intolerance by 6 but the restricted diet went on. Smell, texture, taste, appearance are all issues.

Things turned a corner at about 13 years old. She would eat pizza with just pepperoni on top… and I mean JUST pepperoni! We started giving her full control of pizza making. She put all the dough ingredients in the bread machine. We made lots of ingredients available. It took a while but soon she started putting other safe foods on the pizza. She gradually became creative and interested in the appearance of the pizza looking like a face, or a pattern etc. Some she ate some she didn’t. No pressure or ‘encouragement’ to add anything or eat more, she just followed her own agenda! One day she decided to put a smear of tomato sauce under her raspberries and dark chocolate on her pizza. A vegetable?! She made it, she ate it. Another time she added grated mozzarella on top….tiny, tiny…she ate it!

Pizza has become a window through to experimentation and new foods. It was how tomato, cheese (still only one type though), bell peppers, basil started. Now she sometimes eats those new ingredients as separate ingredients, on different meals. I would recommend playing with pizza as a great way to put full control over to your child and be prepared to wait years for something to happen….it does eventually. Tonight she has got it in to her head to make a Club Penguin Pizza…so I have squid, prawn and white fish defrosting….who knows how it will go?  The pizza adventures just keep coming!