Privilege and the pain

At SuffolkCarersMatter we are optimistic and excited about this new initiative and hope you will be too. As carers ourselves we are aware that there can be highs and lows, achievements and frustrations, though of course these differ with each situation.

Our research has shown that Suffolk has an increasingly ageing population. By the end of the 2030’s working age people (namely 20-65 year olds) will be a minority of the Suffolk population.

So where does this leave the Parent Carer?

Quite rightly Suffolk County Council, along with other organisations are building in future support for our elderly relatives, friends and neighbours. We applaud this.

What does this leave in terms of support for Parent Carers? As Caroline Page, county councillor for Woodbridge, said in her recent interview with EADT,
“I think it might be worse in Suffolk than other places because the demographic of Suffolk is such that caring is seen as something happening by old people to old people. The whole concept of the Parent Carer is perhaps not recognised.”

And that is essentially what we at SuffolkCarersMatter want to do. Recognise the whole Carer situation, young to adult and the wider family. Correct us if we are wrong, but in our view Carers do not want to be patronised or pitied. But they do want to be recognised; for the privilege and the pain. And if we can offer support along that journey then so much the better.