What can schools offer?

As a Young Carer you may well experience particular challenges and demands that impact on your capacity to enjoy and achieve at school.  However, you will still want to do well, although you may not always be able to make it your main priority.  How can schools help you ?

Most schools will have a named person who is the main point of contact for young carers and their families. This person is likely to support young carers in the school community and raise awareness of the role of young carers so that everyone has a better understanding of the additional pressures you may face.  Having a named member of staff  means you as a Young Carer won’t need to explain your circumstances every time a concern arises and you will know that your privacy is being respected.

Many schools also run Young Carers groups who meet regularly in order to ensure that the students who are young carers are aware of the support available and can share their experiences with others in similar situations. In addition, these groups often offer a range of activities for Young Carers to participate in such as; cooking, first aid etc – it tends to be the students who decide what they want to do.  

In addition to offering encouragement and support within school, many schools will have access to external organisations, who regularly liaise with the school and are able to offer assistance to the young carers and their families outside school through national networks.

By Sarah Dunsdon. Suffolk School Teacher.

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