What’s with the Otters? 

People have been asking us this wherever they see our fridge magnets, mugs, posters, banners, website etc., we haven’t created t-shirts with them on yet or as cuddly things… that may come in time.

We stumbled across them when organising a day out for carers and their families, including adults and children.  Finding something to do that appealed and interested all ages and was accessible for all stretched the options.  Google conjured up lots of ideas, including an Otter & Butterfly Farm in Devon!

For some reason, a member of the Carer Advice Team saw the Otters and began chatting randomly about them and her Great Uncle.  We’ll save that story for another time.  But, it eventually brought up a fact about Otters that we found interesting and relevant to carers.

‘When Otters go to sleep, they hold hands for security and safety from floating away’.

As our team continued chatting, it was likened to carers.  Whereby the carer is there holding the hand of someone else, for security and safety in supporting them.

We took this one step further and felt that we were like an Otter to the carer; holding their hand for security, safety and comfort.

Now you can see why at Suffolk Carers Matter, we like Otters.  It is what we strive to do here; be a hand to hold when you need it most.  Even when you think you’re alone and there’s no one there for you, we are here.