Young Adult Carers


As a Young Adult Carer it may be that you are caring for a parent or helping to support a sibling. You may be supporting with medication or an element of personal care. It could be that you are helping to manage household bills or the disruptive behaviour of a family member. Being involved in this way can mean that other needs you have as a young adult can be hard to maintain such as education, spare time and friendships. If you have spent most of your childhood/teenage years helping to look after a family member, then making that transition to adulthood can be very difficult. There can be complex feelings involved when it comes to making decisions about the future, for example leaving the family home to pursue education, work or travel. It is natural for young adults in this situation to feel torn and anxious so it can be helpful to talk things through with someone who isn’t emotionally involved.

Here at Suffolk Carers Matter we can provide emotional support and a chance to talk things through and work out strategies to help you move forward with your own life as well as making sure that the person you are caring for is okay. We will also provide opportunities for you to meet and link with other young people in similar situations.

As above we can provide support via our Advice Line, out in the community and by referring Young Adult Carers to our free counselling service.